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Part 1 一级重点(必考)

  1. Traveling to places far away (旧题回库)(喜欢长途旅行吗?经常坐飞机吗?喜欢去什么样的地方?)

  2. Dictionary (旧题回库)(经常用字典吗?经常带字典吗?喜欢电子字典还是纸质的?怎么学习的用字典?)

  3. Animals(旧题回库) (对什么野生动物感兴趣?有宠物吗?孩子们应该学习一些关于动物的知识吗?经常去动物园吗?)

  4. Lateness (旧题回库)(你守时吗?有迟到经历吗?什么可能导致你迟到?在你的文化中,守时重要吗?)

  5. Future job / ideal job (旧题回库)(儿时理想是什么?梦想的工作是什么?有可能实现吗?做过兼职工作吗?)

  6. Application on mobile phone (旧题回库)(经常用App吗?你需要什么样的App?想自己设计App吗?)

  7. Daily transport (旧题回库)(平时怎么上学啊?今天怎么来的考场?经常坐什么公共交通?在公共交通上面都干什么?)

  8. Writing (旧题回库)(平时写的最多是什么? 你喜欢写作吗? 你小时候喜欢写作吗?未来呢?)

  9. Outdoor activities / doing exercise (旧题回库)(经常运动吗?怎么运动?身边的人喜欢运动吗?中国小朋友或青少年运动的够吗?)

  10. Sleep (旧题回库)(每天睡多少小时?够吗?睡多久对身体好?老年人睡的多,还是年轻人睡的多?怎么提高睡眠质量?)

  Part 1 二级重点

  1. Music 音乐

  2. Park公园

  3. Computer and Internet 电脑和因特网

  4. Jewelry 珠宝

  5. Advertisement 广告

  6. Gift礼物

  7. Friends 朋友

  8. Daily routine 例行公事

  9. Family activities / staying at home 家庭活动/待在家里

  10. News, newspaper, magazine 新闻、报纸、杂志

  11. Rainy day 雨天

  12. Teenager 青少年

  13. Sport / swimming 体育/游泳

  14. Study or work 学习或工作

  15. Accommodation 住宿

  16. Name 名字

  17. Hometown 家乡

  18. Boat & boating 船/划船

  19. Meal 饭

  20. Training 培训

  21. School life (especially high school) 学校生活(尤其高中)

Part 2一级高频重点(必考)

  1. A recent development in your city 城市最近的发展

  2. A piece of technology you like using (not a computer) 技术

  3. A skill that is important but you have not learned in school or at work 未学过的重要技能

  4. A perfect holiday or vocation you had 完美假期

5. A person who often visits your home (a visitor of your home) (an occasion when someone visited your home)访客

  6. A popular person you know / famous person you know 名人

  7. A public place that needs to be improved 需改善之地

  8. An important river or lake in your country 河流或湖

  9. Something you enjoy doing with an old person of your family 喜欢与老人做的事

  10. A time when you saved money for something 攒钱

  11. A country or a city you want to work in or live in 想工作或居住之地

  12. A place in your city that you like to visit with your friends or family与家人喜欢去的地方

  13. A toy you had in your childhood 童年玩具

  14. A photo you can remember clearly that someone took for you照片

15. Something important you learned from a person or in a place (not from your school or class) 学到的重要东西

  16. The season you like most in a year 最爱的季节

  17. An important event that you celebrated before 庆祝重要的事

  18. A famous athlete you admire运动员

  19. A historical period you are interested in of your country 历史时期

  20. An impressive story someone told you 故事

  21. Something interesting that happened in your school 有趣之事

  22. A special day out which did not cost too much 在外面花费不大的特别一天

  23. A TV program you like 电视节目

  24. A happy service you got recently 高兴的服务

  25. A time when you had to be polite 不得不礼貌的一次

  26. An unforgettable dinner you had 难忘之餐

  27. A time when you were late for something 迟到

  Part 2 二级重点

  1. A traditional product in your country 传统产品

  2. A car journey you had 汽车之旅

  3. A leisure facility (e.g. a sports center or a cinema, etc.)休闲设施

  4. A science subject (you are interested in) you learned in your high school 科学

  5. A knowledgeable person you know 知识渊博的人

  6. A place where people listen to music听音乐之地

  7. A businessman you admire 商人

  8. A good parent you know 好父/母

  9. Something you bought according to an advertisement 因广告而买

  10. An achievement that you are proud of 骄傲的成就

  11. A good decision someone made 好决定

  12. A knowledgeable person you know 知识渊博的人

  13. An ideal house or apartment you like to live in 理想的房子或公寓

  14. Something (you bought recently) that made you happy 最近买来高兴的东西

  15. A piece of furniture in your home 家具

  16. A rule or regulation you like or dislike in your school or company 规则

  17. A way to stay healthy 健康之道

  18. An exciting book 令人兴奋的书

  19. An advertisement that you saw and made you buy something 广告

  20. An important letter you received 重要的信

  21. A positive comment someone gave you 积极评论

  22. An occasion when you helped someone 帮助某人

  23. An experience that you taught someone (a friend or a relative) a skill 教别人技能

  24. A park or garden you like 公园或花园

  25. An interesting foreigner you know 令人感兴趣的外国人

  26. An interesting place that only a few people know 一些人知道的有趣之地

  27. A time when you felt happy because of using your cellphone 使用手机的快乐经历

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